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Wardrobe essential - the little black dress

Le 19 janvier 2015, 08:54 dans Humeurs 0

It is said, knew in romantic French. Every woman will have a closet of their own little black petite maxi dresses on sale. Beautiful petite black dress, not only to highlight a woman's taste, it stands for elegance.

Wardrobe essential - the little black dress
Little black dress, with its turbulent characteristics quickly occupy a place in the fashion industry, with its simple style easily capture thousands of hearts female beauty. No matter what kind of woman, can find suitable for your little black dress, wear distinctive wonderful.

01 Imagine yourself dressed in black dress, standing alone on the streets of Paris. Romantic views of this exotic, experience of European architecture to bring visual feast, away from the hustle and bustle, quietly listen to your inner voice. Elegance appears to be born of their own charming style interpretation of the United States cannot be copied.

02 There is one tiny black strapless maxi dresses closet, work when you can wear a rigorous formal sense, when they converted shopping relaxing style, when the party will form their own unique gas field in the crowd. No matter what the occasion can easily deal with, so it really is great value clothes.

03 If this is the first time attempt to the little black dress, few do not accept an all-black design, you can choose a style other decorative elements. Simple little black dress to join the white doll collar, hit the color distinctive decorative bow in hand, become more lovely feeling, increase waist belt waist white, good body ready.

04 OL temperament minimalist styles natural-based, regardless of how agreeable and lively life, or have some of the gas field in the workplace. Wear a miniature floral maxi dresses charming retro S-curve, but also the whole embellished neckline dress adds a touch of smart atmosphere, refined and elegant fishtail hem.

05 since the dog days, the sun has been very dedicated in the sky, sustained high temperatures cannot stop chasing women feel beautiful. For fear of tanning on Zhezhe Dangdang better drying out free and easy style, but sometimes there will be a healthy complexion is not the same as feminine, with a black lace dress, style play.

The beginning of 06 popular tiny black dress Marilyn Monroe should be from the beginning. We all know. Marilyn Monroe is an indication of the times sexy. Her presence so that the number of men obsessed, so many women yearn, black dress she led naturally hot pursuit of countless people, the Big A word petite chiffon maxi dresses, full range of children in Europe and America.

07 We all know that women are not as charming and lovely, but because of the exquisite and beautiful. External beauty is important, but it is inherent qualities a person can maintain an important factor in long-term beauty. Treat years, it will give back to you the unexpected harvest, precipitated naturally beautiful clothes that cannot generally control, she says. Additions to their wardrobe a black sleeveless dress mopping the floor, you're flawless.

Long waist skirt swaying magnificent words

Le 14 janvier 2015, 07:04 dans Humeurs 0

"Light Luo fan of white orchids, dancing days jade waste yarn, suspected to be a fairy, smile-Star China." A group related to waist graceful verse, undying affection between them blurred, which is perhaps why the costume design gurus 120,000 secret love in just the right waist, a magnificent able to do during the long swaying release, is the most autumn sexy white cocktail dresses rhyme invincible.

01 styles of flow line has an absolute advantage minimalism, although his best tender and charming red rose, but then they wan to send the portrait away in graceful folds waist midnight, round neck sleeve intellectual gentle course, after all, is outweighed by the collar with beaded cuffs platter of elegant ladies faint goodly and expansive.

02 fashion graffiti words, half the time of innocence whims written shallots, half pursue a romance with the nature of European and American style, like A-type flow line like that, Slim and tolerance have Aspect, seemingly relaxed fit no sense but in fact, back in the black stitching, quietly running a wan natural waist.

03 stand cost point of view, to spend a clothes money can transform a N species mix, of course, is huge profits, but that is not the focus of graceful waist appear even without football retro windbreaker belt system alone waist between two flat open pockets decorated, can easily make fine show wan.

04 black and white checkered fine, if not carefully distinguish hard to find the chest organ folds elegant and romantic, but this is the root of a fraction with a flow line art Fan children arouses fascination lies tranquil and elegant at first glance, then glance , was able to gap the black collar and side seam stitching, deep big magnificent and elegant.

05 fold waist green bandage dresses worn in the late autumn is a beautiful little cold, but compared to the prevalence Shandeng knit jacket in a single product, folds Puff waist and short put is turned fashion Wan Ran losing on like the skirt Qinggemanwu white Swan, simple appearance that perfect transformation.

Girls 06 yards biggest wish is to gain a "thin" word, but the ideal is very skinny, but not surprising reality is too plump, round neck waist bud light swing, the most people to be seen from the fleshy all hide so long neck tainted somewhat lighter sexy, ruthless play a Xianxiu flow line.

The reason to make 07 little black long sleeved maxi dresses fashion girls fascinated, perhaps because of its own implicit magnificent secret, like from the United States in general, provoke not help but go ahead, Slim waist and smooth flow line is simple, but in hip pockets but magnificent play retro dignified, highlight the taste of big bearing extraordinary.

08 waist task put two small pockets playful, creative novelty indeed ahead, let the youth girls dignified and elegant Slim waist harness does not produce too heavy psychological burden, coupled with three-dimensional mosaic piece sexy black cocktail dresses N, carved streamline more delicate thoughtful, put on a large waist Ying, romantic hundred percent.

09 happiest thing is, after passing the youth, looking back at her mother still elegant, loving mother had given warm want to reflux, with her mother wearing the same paragraph, but suddenly found among colorful, only my mother put most small bud is fragrant eye-washes out paintings grace the general connotation.

10 white and blue graceful, like a hint of spearmint intention quiet elegance retro romantic, because collar Slim long swing and fold vision of the collision, the city turned into stylish, light yet elegant, flower without complex, like playing a big vision, so that more three-dimensional solid-colored clothes, printed white maxi dress quieter.

Like the way you wear dress

Le 6 janvier 2015, 07:01 dans Humeurs 0

Has anyone ever says to you that he likes the way you wear long evening dresses, skirts dance when flying time is your most beautiful moment. For the love of your fellow men, is to ensure that money, and then give you a lot to buy a nice dress, and then praise your beauty.

01 few woman is not wearing a skirt, even female valiant man, also do a pretty girl wearing a skirt man, otherwise it becomes a tomboy. Infected green lace black evening dresses bright colors, reveals a fresh tender spring and summer, bright red embroidered shoulders, beautiful blooming season.

02 love fantasy girls, looking at the blue sky, the desire adventure, fairy-tale love more longing. Crisp color, make her look full of vitality, Punta micro skirt, printed in peacock opening screen, she stood Qiaosheng Sheng, who did not like to visit her in person.

03 ladies appearance of a new era is gentle, but has a little strong heart for her spell color with a pink red evening dresses with white stitching, with white and pink sweet pure color elegant atmosphere, just like poetry depicted slim ladies, it is worth to pursue him.

04 Can a little more flour, do not spell color with a sheer pink, gentle enough to dip a Pink Lady. Multilateral skirt, bring light through the outer mesh with light perception, embroidered lace and dotted with white stars, bring out your romantic. Like a real party round collar, lace little lace on it, embraced the exposed white skin, look sexy and flirtatious.

05 graceful laces, romantic lace, lace are like a dream, maximum of beauty and hope. Unlike sexy black lace, delicate and pure white lace, sleeves bring temptation vague perspective. A word skirt extremely slim, there is no clear-cut sense skirt, looked very neat.

06 purple vintage evening dresses, and in early spring bottoming were very fit, coupled with a tiny jacket can become very exotic flavor. Doll collar gentle, like a slap in the face to turn off the face, body and clothes hit the color pink stitching, get rid of monotonous and boring pure purple. Skirt is expected to be very rapid, and dressed in a purple infected, like violets bloom swaying style.

07 The green evening dresses itself, is not difficult to wear clothing goddess temperament. With a white background, paired with crisp and floral but it seems very generous, the healthy person's temperament in vain for a change, maybe wear it out, that originally got the idea for the very people you will want to look at you Guamu.

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